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Crane Registration in Connecticut

I get asked quite a lot about the crane registration process in Connecticut. The reason why is that Connecticut is the only state that requires you to register all cranes being used in construction. Let me be clear, this is not a motor vehicle registration.  There won’t be any property tax consequences. The purpose of this registration process is to keep the organized records as to what devices are in operation and for purposes of tracing ownership in the event of an accident. It costs $40 for the first year and $25 each year thereafter.  I am going to reiterate that any crane operating in construction for any length of time must be registered. 

In response to the numerous calls and emails we get regarding where and how to register a crane in Connecticut, we have included the link below. 

Connecticut Crane Registration Form

Once the form is completed, attach a check in the appropriate amount and a current, worthy Annual Inspection Report.  The State will then forward your registration (commonly called a “Cab Card”).  We recommend sending the registration material well in advance of your job start-date.  The department is very small and understaffed.  It may take some time. 

If you do not have an annual inspection for your crane, we are happy to get you on the calendar. 

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